Friday, July 27, 2007

Making hay while the sun shines

After the busy time of getting the big celebration off the ground and entertaining visitors, things have settled down here a bit. But that doesn't mean we are getting lazy. Oh no. Here are some pictures from the nearby organic farm/creative center/gallery run by our neighbor, friend and artist, Colette Urban. She calls her place Full Tilt Newfoundland.

It is in McIvers. Her field looks across towards Benoit's Cove. See that little white blotch up on the's snow!

Neighbor Ken Noel on his trusty, 30 year-old tractor and hay baler.

I haven't just been standing around in a hay field taking pictures either. I have been on a veritable spinning binge in preparation for a veritable dyeing binge. I have almost spun up a pound of merino sliver. Here are two skeins drying in the sun:

I have to say, this is some of the best spinning I have done to date. Just look at that delicious merino! Now imagine it dyed a beautiful shade of...?

1 comment:

pattiblaine said...

How about that yellow green that's the porch in sunlight, or the subtle cherry pink at the bottom left of the second photo?

It looks fantastic Robyn! I look forward to seeing what color you make of it.