Saturday, November 10, 2007


Yesterday I heard from Shannon Stratton of Performing Craft (among other things) about doing a site-specific project in Dallas, TX, as part of an exhibition to run concurrently with the College Art Association's annual conference. I had originally applied to give a talk at Shannon and Judith Leeman's session titled "Gestures of Resistance" at the conference. My talk would have been about the artwork of Barb Hunt, Janet Morton and myself. Shannon and Judith didn't want to include my talk, but they did invite me to participate in the exhibition.

It is very exciting to think about how working site-specifically there might help me work out some of my Knitting Sprawl ideas--Dallas being an epicenter of sprawl.

But it does make me think that, sometimes, the universe just says "no." When we returned from Newfoundland, I decided that I would relax my need to always be working on my art "career" and just try to make some work, concentrate on homeschooling, and have fun instead of being caught in some imaginary idea of what I believed needed to happen in order for my career to stay viable. Relax and have fun.

No sooner had that thought cemented in my mind than I started getting a call here, an invite there. Suddenly, I actually had a career. Not so relaxing but definitely fun.

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Mr. Picky said...

How can there be an epicenter of sprawl??