Thursday, December 13, 2007

When Buy Local isn' Quite Local Enough

We have been having a series of 12-hour non-stop, rush-rush days since I don't know when. Out the door in the morning and back in well after dark. It is all fun, fun, fun so there's nothing to complain about but, man, am I tired. And now Finn is sick and I have the shivers myself and a scratchy thoat and it is raining ice at the moment and I have to pick up the first winter share of the CSA tonight. Dan is off to a slew of holiday, must-go-for business parties so I, meaning "me," have to, have to, have to drag my tired, achy body the twelve blocks to pick up this box of root vegetables with my name on it. I keep waiting to be visited with an inspiration as to how I will not have to do this but the inspiration isn't coming.

Oh yea magical CSA gods, deliver my box of root vegetables unto me...

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OfTroy said...

well if you have a big box of root veggies.. consider roasting a big pan full.

my 'blend' includes carrots, parsnips, turnips (i like yellow/rutiba's) beets, and onions.
Potatoes too, if you want (white or sweet)--i like to try for varieties --of onions, of turnips, of beets, of potatoes and not just one kind)

chunk, add 1 tbsp to 1/4 cup of oil (depends on quanity of veggies)
some savory seeds--Pick 1-- (caraway, fennel, celery) some crunchy seeds--Pick 1--(pumpkin, pine nut, seseme) and some herbs (i like rosemary, but sage or parsley are good too) salt and pepper.

coat the veggies with the oil, turn into an oiled pan (drain some of the oil into pan and coat) add seasoning.

roast at 425° for 15 minutes, then reduce heat to 400° and roast till done (20 to 40 minutes more depending on quanity, and size of chunks)

good hot, or added to broth (for a soup) or even cold, with some greens as a salad.