Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moving Right Along

It seemed like it would never arrive but of course it has. We finally say good-bye (and some other things) to the Bushes and hello to the Obamas. Will we be glad to be rid of them in four or eight years time? Perhaps. There is much hard work ahead. Yesterday I ran into an old friend who delights in shocking people with his very provocative views. When asked if he wasn't a little bit happy at the change in administration, he kept saying no. No, not because he will miss Bush but because the problems Bush is leaving behind will infect us, as a country, for years to come and even a smarty like Obama will not be able to fix them easily or quickly. He compared the current state of the US to Romania after Nicolae Ceau┼čescu was removed from office - a country devastated by the greed, corruption and megalomania of its leader. A comparison that is a bit heavy-handed but I got his point, which is that is does matter who the president is and a lot of damage can be done very quickly under the right circumstances.

I don't think we are quite in a state similar to post-Ceau┼čescu Romania, but things are pretty well screwed up. We are celebrating today that a thoughful, even-tempered, brilliant person has taken charge. But I think it needs to be a very short celebration. There's too much work to do.

And speaking of work...I am in my last couple of weeks of yoga teacher training (how quickly we can go from saving the country to downward dog!) and they have piled on the assignments and final projects and exams and class observations. I have a bunch of things to share but they may have to wait until this crunch time passes.

Happy Inauguration Day!


Patti Blaine said...

Happy happy day! Full of waterworks, but happy happy nonetheless. ;)

island sweet said...


bluebird of paradise said...

Oh robyn thank you for posting that video. It has me in tears,joyful!~

Sono said...

Yes Robyn, Thank you for posting this - it has me in tears too - I am so hopeful for the future even if we are in a mess at the moment. The power of positivity is amazing!