Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Unexpected Quiet

It is a rainy day here which means our ten-hour, out and about day just became much more relaxed. I am trying to hide my glee from my two grumpy children, for whom this rain has dampened one of their favourite days of the year. They participate in a play acting games day in Central Park each week and today was the day when everyone gets to wear costumes and run around with Styrofoam swords for six hours. If this be the height of geekdom, then we are, ourselves, geeks.

But there is the rain. Instead of tending to the needs of medieval lords and other more mythical, mystical beings, I am preparing for the dyeing demo at Wave Hill (happening this Sunday!) and putting the finishing touches on the description for the Simmons College project. Thank you rain!

Just for kicks, here is a photograph of a little piece of street art that we saw in Chelsea the other day.

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