Monday, November 30, 2009


For all the joriki I may have gathered over the past couple of weeks, I am still finding hard to really dig into what needs to be done in order to meet my deadlines. I always have this issue, I suppose.

I don't really think of myself as someone who procrastinates, and yet...

Here is a cool sock project that has been amusing me to no end. The machine knitted piece was hand painted in the design you see. I marked the halfway point and then began to unravel it and knit it up into a pair of socks. The sock colour pattern was a complete surprise. I have finished one but I think the other will have to wait. The deadlines are pressing just close enough that real panic is setting in.

Or maybe not.

Yesterday, instead of working on Knitting Sprawl, which will be seen as a work-in-progress at The Art Gallery of Peterborough in early January, I decided that I had been off the wagon long enough. I got out my wheel and spun up two sets of fibre from Spunky Electic, then plied them to make a light DK weight yarn - over 400 yds worth. It is a combination of merino, silk and BFL.

This is not for Wee Ball Yarns, which I have set on "Pathetic Mode" over there. I am going to knit it up myself. Someday.

For now, back to my maps and charts and ceramic and yarn. Peterborough is calling me.


Taos Sunflower said...

Interesting on the sock...I've seen those for sale and always wondered what it would be like to do that. Your Spunky Eclectic (sp?) yarn is really nice, glad you're keeping it. Isn't it amazing how healing a couple of hours at the wheel can be? Good thinking time.

Robyn said...

Hi Martie, The sock thing, while slightly gimmicky, has been so fun. Part of it is simply the unraveling of something. So weirdly satisfying!

And yes, the wheel does have healing powers. Also addicting powers. It was very hard to put it aside and get back to work!! XOX