Monday, October 25, 2010

The Reluctant Talent Handler

We have been on something of a 30 Rock binge. We don't own a functioning television - we missed the digital change over completely. But we do watch things on the computer and somewhere along the line we bumped into 30 Rock. I know it is in something like it's 6th season, but did you know it is this really funny show starring Tina Fey? Really! I recommend it.

The downside seems to be that my hat model has started acting a little too much like Jenna, the self-absorbed and difficult actor that Liz (Tina Fey) has to coax and flatter to get her to do anything.

Example A:

For this hat, I was mocked not just by Lucy but by, well, by everyone in my family for making a hat that was silly looking. Then I noticed many people at the Sheep and Wool Festival wearing hats not dissimilar to this one. Only mine was made with hand dyed, handspun yarn made by islandsweet so it is extra special and fabulous. Sheesh!

Her Royal Highniness agreed to a couple of pictures. This hat is now at Calico Juno on City Island.

Example #2:

This one is made from yarn I purchased from Fall Creek Fibers. My hat model was very reluctant so I only have this slightly blurry one. Let's call it arty. Hmph.

Things perked up when we headed to Knitty City to purchase yarn for our model's birthday sweater, however. We decided to make the Central Park Hoodie. I mean, 1,000 people on ravelry can't be wrong - right?

We went with the suggested yarn in a lovely deep and tweedy red.

I took advantage of Knitty City's excellent Cascade 220 collection to stock up on yarn to finish my Ontario section of Knitting Sprawl. After letting it sit in a box for several months while the bitter taste of failure faded from my mouth, I cracked open the box to see if it was as bad as I remembered. What I found was a project that isn't a total failure, just incomplete. And I am feeling pretty excited to finish it.

Even the talent handler should be allowed her moment of drama, and to have said moment soothed by the purchase of some lovely yarn.


OfTroy said...

Anne Zilboorg has the most wonderful hats.. not a beanee, or cloche or boring hat in her book.
why knit a hat that look like something mass produced?

I love me a wild and crazy hat, or a silly hat (have a jester hat complete with a jingle bell that i wear!) Poor Lucy--she of an age to get caught up in what fashion dictates.. and it never dictates independence, does it?

but that is a lovely red and it will be a lovely sweater!

Sonya Philip said...

We're big 30 Rock fans. Great show. The champagne lifestyle of the knit wear model can be jading at such a young age.