Friday, November 25, 2011

Reclaiming Humanity

Those in the know, know that today is Buy Nothing Day.  A day created in response to the Black Friday phenomena where people run out and shop the day after Thanksgiving. Not being the shop-til-you-drop kind of person, it never really captured my imagination any day of the year, let alone this particular Friday. Plus, one of life's greatest pleasures is making things. Making things with my own hands.

Let's do that, shall we?

A top secret project using some handspun yarn from Widdershin Woolworks.  

Lucy's own top secret project using some Koigu that she scored out of my stash.

We are people. We are very, very clever. So go on and make your damn presents already!


Jan Morrison said...

I'm also buying nothing today! Did you know that Buy Nothing Day was invented by the Canadian Magazine Ad Busters? A friend of mine introduced me to the notion many years ago. We worked together and he and I decided we would make every Tuesday a buy-nothing-day. We did that for years. Such fun. I've had a buy-nothing-to-wear-but-undies-and-shoes year. It will be finished on New Years. I've done it once before. Then I don't feel quite so guilty buying wool! I made it so I don't even buy second hand clothes (which is what I usually buy). I had to dis-include undies and shoes and a winter coat as those are things that when you need them, you need them. However, my new winter coat (replacing my 30 year old one) cost16 bucks at the Good Will. Yay! Less than the three pairs of undies. urggh.
Now, back to my knitting. I'm on a hat jag.

dorinalouise said...

hello robyn, happy thanksgiving. there's nothing nicer than hanging out at home the day after thanksgiving and making beautiful things with fiber . .

Robyn said...

Hi Jan, I did know it was Canadians - as usual the best ideas coming from the north..!

I have never done a year of buy nothing (hard with growing kids) but maybe it is something to try. I am somewhat naturally thrifty (others may say cheap) so I never feel the urge to replace useable items. That said, I have noticed that for several of my art projects of the past ten years I have been wearing the same two jackets (depending on the weather) and it occurred to me that maybe I need to branch out a little.

And I never include yarn or wool in this equation! Well, I am on a fleece diet, but as long as yarn is in production, wool is ok. Hey - we gotta breath too!

Patti Blaine said...

Yesterday, Black Friday/Buy Nothing Day, we were in a Thai restaurant in Toronto, and let it be known to our waiter that we were from the States. He cheerfully wished us a Happy Thanksgiving, and then was all like whoa, wait a minute. Isn't today a big holiday for you all too? Don't you ritually trample each other to death at Wal-Mart or something? We told him we were avoiding all of that in the great up-north where the only store with a black friday sign was a camera shop that smelled strongly of desperation in the digital age. It was a very good place to be, Toronto.