Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Match Made in Heaven

First, this:

Then, this:

Well over 500 yds of squishy Rambouillet yarn (hand painted fleece by Widdershins, of course!).  It started as lace weight and then it bloomed.  It bloomed like a teenage girl on her first date.  It bloomed like a lily at Easter.  It bloomed and blossomed and decided to be larger than lace weight.  But still beautiful.  And soft.  I think it is destined to fall into the capable hands of the above mentioned Zabeth (Loisel) Weiner.


Patti Blaine said...

Beautiful, Robyn. Are you knitting her shawl or is she designing something new with your yarn? Either way, I expect stunning results!

deborah said...

I love Rambouillet--so soft and cottony. Beautiful work, Robyn!

Robyn said...

Patti, I will give it to Zabeth and see what she makes with it. Always beautiful...that much we know!

Deborah - it was my first foray into Rambouillet....really loved spinning it but I think I would tighten up the plying - I am not so happy about it because it seems uneven. I didn't overspin it like I might for Merino butI think I could have erred on that end of things and been a little happier with the resulting yarn. That said, it is pretty lovely because...ah!...those colours!