Monday, October 15, 2012

Cake or Death

Once, in a public forum that was recorded and posted on the internets, I said that I would gladly die for my children.  And I meant it.

Yesterday, when Lucy asked to make waffles for her birthday, at first I said no way.

Sometimes non-electric really sucks.

You see, in one of my many we-must-reduce-our-environmental-footprint moments, I purchased this non-electric waffle iron.  It causes me great pain, and not just the burn marks it inflicts from needing to flip it to cook each side and the fact that it sometimes falls apart mid-flip.  No, there is psychic pain too.  Waffles served with a side of cursing.  Cursing baked right in!  And then, of course, the guilt afterwards.

I have tended to shy away from my non-electric waffle iron in recent months.  

But Lucy asked for waffles on her birthday.  And I had a flashback to sitting in front of my teacher, in front of my sangha, with a microphone to my mouth and saying to all gathered, "I would gladly die for my children."

So, waffles it was!  And I even made peace with my waffle iron.  So, cheers, you little cast iron motherf****r!  It's all BFF from here on in.


Taos Sunflower said...

Ha! I bought one of those when we went off grid and have never had the courage to try to use it. Hope Lucy had a great're a super mom, waffles or not.

dorinalouise said...

ha ha :)

not only are you a super mom, but i'm sure you died and were reborn in the process of making those ^%&%* things.

birthdays can really get under a mama's skin . .

it was a good thing to do (i'll try to remember that as two birthdays start crawling closer and closer to me . . )