Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Patience and Its Opposite

For the intensive training period this fall, we have been studying Shantideva's Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way.  In addition to academic study, we do a number of other things to amp up our practice for three months, including an art practice assignment.  This time, it was to work with three (or six, if you look at it another way) ideas:  vigour, patience and giving (and their opposites: laziness, impatience and withholding).  

I chose writing as my medium this time around.  It was very challenging to work through all the superficial bullshit that comes up first thing and really get to the heart of the matter.  I am not so sure I ever really accomplished that, in fact, I am quite certain that I did not.  Even so, I offer you these four haiku.  They are, perhaps, more like crackers and cheese than red meat, so please, just enjoy them as you would a light snack.

Patience (Bhuja Pindasana #1)
Jump legs around arms.
Exhale, chin to floor.  Stay.  Breathe.
Inhale.  Fall on ass.

Patience (Bhuja Pindasana #2)
Cross right foot over left.
Squeeze arms with legs, weight in rear.
Inhale.  Fall on ass.

Patience (Bhuja Pindasana #3)
Jump legs around arms.
Each morning is a new day.
Breathe in.  So simple.

And this one is for Yudo, my dharma bro who shares my fascination with Namu, the slightly maladjusted cat that lives at the Temple.

Patience (A Haiku for Namu)
With constant practice,
Thirteen years in residence.
One mouse and she’s home.


Chris Abraham said...

Great stuff Robyn. I will have to try those postures in a private space.

Robyn said...

Do you mean Bhujapindasana or catching a mouse?