Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Now These Laurels are for Resting Upon

Arrived back in NYC to see that little green things have begun poking up through the leaves from last fall.  I even see full blossoms getting ever fuller on the daffodils.  Can blooms be far behind?

Here is what it looks like in Newfoundland currently:

This is NOT an April Fools joke...although I am sure the good citizens of Gillams wish that it were.

This was taken by my next door neighbor (there is our little blue house!!) on Sunday.  Another friend told me that her snowbanks are about 15' high at the moment.  So, if you have snowbanks shorter than 15', consider yourself among the lucky.  Spring will come.  I promise.

Other than feeling lucky about the size of my snowbanks, there are yet a few more things are going on here.  One is that I am very pleased to be included in a new project undertaken by a collective in Hamilton, ON, called Pulling Strings.  They are creating a reference library for textile workers based on selections from people they call their "textile heroes".  

But what's a hero?

Personally, I consider myself more of a she-ro but, nonetheless, it is an honour to be included.  My contribution, with accompanying blurb was among the first to appear on their blog and will be included in the actual library at Needleworks, a store in Hamilton.

Check it out!

Extra thanks to Tara Bursey for be the driving force behind my inclusion in this great project.

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