Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Only one of us still has red hair!
This photograph dates from just a couple of days after Lucy was born.  A wild time, no doubt, because not only did I have two children under the age of two, we purchased and moved house just a couple of weeks later.  I guess if you are going to play, play.

I am only posting it because it is sitting on my desktop and it is pretty darn cute.  Also, I have been mostly caught up in shredding old tax forms from this same era and other various, visually boring enterprises.  But if super cute, red-headed baby pictures are not your speed, may I offer you this, which a school teacher friend of mine placed before my eyes.  All three of us whom you see above laughed til we cried.

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Jan Morrison said...

Hello my deario - as a former red head with a red headed son (the other is auburnish) I loved this pic! Robyn, remember I asked you awhile back about the Peace Vase Project? It has come up again and again they think I am near Grand Falls - and again I am thinking of you though I know you're a goodly distance too. I don't even quite get WHY Grand Falls but who am I to wonder. They will be sending me mine soon for the Labrador Sea and Churchill Falls (gah!) but I said I couldn't stretch to Grand Falls. Any chance of you doing it - it is such a lovely and good project. my email is jan dot morrison12 at gmail dot com and then could you erase this? Oh, I don't even know when you are coming this way. So any of that.