Thursday, March 12, 2015


To Stand in the Center and See All Around is up!  It opened on a cold but lovely evening with a good turn-out.  It is the secret terror of the solo exhibitioner - will anyone come?  There are no other artists to create a buffer crowd.  I had visions of me and the chips and dips mournfully downing the Trader Joe's wine until total despair won out.  But no, people came and even seemed to have fun.

The lighting has been a big question for me.  My wish is that it would vary from complete darkness to enough light to see that the environment is a total fabrication held together with wire.  My skills as a lighting designer are not up for this task so I went with the darker of the two options.  Then I changed my mind and went with the lighter of the two options.  Today, I went back to the darker option.

The thing about the darker option is that one can not see the knit piece at all.  It is just a looming wall of blackness that counters the mirrored walls.  In a way, that is totally fine but it is giving up something.  Likewise, being able to see it better and experience it more directly has plusses but you lose the mysteriousness of the blackness, pulsing with light through the bladders that occasionally matches up with the rhythms of the sound piece.

It's a toss up.

The good news is that I will get to present this piece again in late August up in Cape Breton as part of an exhibition that I am co-organizing at the Inverness Cultural Centre.  One comment that has come up from several people is that they wish there were more rooms to explore.  I have to agree.  There is something about it that calls out for variations on a theme.  I guess my days (and nights) of spinning black Shetland are not over yet.

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