Wednesday, June 03, 2015


The last few days here have been cold and rainy.  As I am rather a fan of cold and rainy, this has not been a big deal.  In fact, it has been downright lovely.  This morning was full of fog but now the sunshine has returned.  

Today might be the day when I actually hike the trail behind the studio building.  When we arrived, we were told at our orientation about how many ticks there are around here.  This fact was emphasized so strongly that all of us city slickers were put off going into the woods at all.  There is even a sign in the kitchen that says "Ticks climb UP!"  Sheesh.  

Look out ticks!  I'm a-coming in!

Meanwhile, here is a detail of one of my pillow case pieces.  I am thoroughly enjoying playing with color and texture and composition.  Yes, these are the basics of art making but they are also things that have been secondary to my work for a long time.  How novel it feels to think about these simple things, to just feel  and play and enjoy.

Yes, yes.  This is me.

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Jan Morrison said...

ticks suck! that's a joke. you do have to be careful but be careful not to be too careful too. I love your pieces - emergent two minds. I'm creating away also - more work on revising my ms but I do find the revising process highly creative - never a burden. And I'm drawing like crazy especially with my kids at the school. they'll come for therapy if I draw them - what a weird and wonderful thing.
later maid.