Friday, May 13, 2016


Earlier this week, we had the floors refinished in our downstairs rooms.  The night before (it was Mother's Day - Lucy said, "so manual labor is your Mother's Day present?"), we moved all the furniture either up into our bedrooms or down into the basement.  It was no small feat.  ("Yes, manual labor is the best Mother's Day present!").

We all agreed that the empty rooms were very appealing.  Lucy suggested that we leave them empty for as long as possible so we could see what we really need and use.  Once we got the go-ahead to start bringing things back it, it has been a very slow dribble.  Yes, to the pink couch.  Yes to the little side table that Finn made.  Yes to the bookcase.  Not yet to the books.  The dining room table was a yes as is one chair (so far).

It's always the question, isn't it?  How much is enough?


Jan Morrison said...

Oh I know that feeling - it is the Jack Kerouac moment - I want only a bedroll, a sierra cup and 100 Years of Solitude. Or a cast iron fry pan, a prayer rug and Spiritual Materialism or my horse, saddle and a gal named Peg.

Robyn said...

The rooms are still mostly empty! But I can see that it is beginning to cause F&L some confusion as they no longer know where to dump their jackets...because, you know, the closet is out of the question. It is kind of cracking me up...just enough to leave the rooms empty for a little longer : )