Thursday, June 18, 2009

Covering Up Down Under

There is an interesting project afoot. It is far, far away from Newfoundland, however.

No, it is not a stunning scarf for Ms. Sodia Pop.

It's Art, baby!

Grrl+Dog, otherwise known as Denise, is creating an installation for the entryway of the National Gallery of Australia and has asked for contributions of knitting. As a true believer in what-goes-around-comes-around, I eagerly volunteered to make a piece. The instructions on her blog (which is really wonderful - go and read it and soak up the great colour!) said to make the piece 8" x 55". A later communication, which I seem to have totally ignored, said 25cm x 25 cm.

I hope this ok, Denise! Fold it, cut it, toss it aside. The good intention was there....

And now we all have to keep our fingers cross that it will reach its far away destination by the deadline.

Go fair scarf/Art! Take thee to Oz!

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