Thursday, June 11, 2009

Special Hats

I love hats.  I love making hats.  I love that one skein of funky handspun yarn can make a funky, handspun hat.  

I make a lot of these hats but they have not been good sellers in my etsy shop.  I haven't figured out the right way to get them out into the world.  But perhaps I have finally tapped into a way.  One of our stops on our trip to pick up wool on Tuesday was at Neddie's Harbour Inn, an upscale inn on Bonne Bay in Gros Morne.  The owners asked me and Shawn to bring some of our wares for them to sell to their guests.  We each carried up some skeins of yarn and a few knitted items.  Since my inventory is next to nil at the moment, I quickly knit and crocheted up two hats using some yarn I purchased from a woman named Monte in New Mexico.  I love her yarns and I loved making these hats.  

Happily, the people at Neddie's Harbour Inn liked them too.

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MyMixMix said...

Robyn, I love the hat. Great use of the yarn and good luck with getting those hats out there in the world.