Thursday, June 17, 2010

3000 miles from the ocean

Supposedly, Alice Saltonstall, wife of Boston Brahmin and local, beloved politican, Leverett Saltonstall, was once to have said, "I feel sorry for those people in California. How can they stand being 3000 miles from the ocean?"

Or something like that.

That thought came to mind as we caught our first glimpse of the Pacific through the fog. Actually, it felt wonderful to be back within eyesight (and earshot and nosesmell) of the ocean, even this one that is so far from the real one.

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OfTroy said...

I thought, knowing the atlantic, I KNEW oceans. but the Pacific is so different! I expect, at sea, the Indian Ocean, or the arctic ocean is different too.

20 ago, (christmas week) i walked down to the waters edge, and took off my shoes and socks to step into the pacific for the first time. It different in Japan, than it is on West coast of NA, but in both places, it is a vastly different ocean than the Atlanic. (so Alice Saltonstall was total wrong.)

Its hard to realize something like an ocean can be different... I am glad at least to know 2 oceans.