Friday, June 11, 2010

Knitting Sprawl - Saskatoon

From Regina, we headed northwest to Saskatoon. Saskatoon is a larger city than Regina, described by the knitters in Regina as being more fast-paced, having the larger university campus and medical center. To me, it still seemed pretty manageable. We made it across town in about 20 minutes. It is a very pretty city with a winding river going through the center and a variety of architecture.

Our first stop was a knitting group that meets on Sunday afternoons at a coffee shop. It was a gorgeous day - the first in a while - and attendance was light. I have found, however, that a small group is sometimes better than a larger one if only because the conversation tends to stay a little more focused.

The dedicated few who didn't let a warm, sunny weekend deter them from knitting. One of those featured here has a lovely blog titled Saskatoon Stitcher. Check it out and learn more about life in Saskatoon. She wrote a nice post about my visit, too. The conversation varied but I definitely got a sense of local issues, including bicycle regulations. I say that somewhat laughingly because it is an example of conversation drifts that I learned a great deal about local bike regulations. It might seem somewhat irrelevant to my topic but, in fact, it was quite enlightening.

The following evening, we met up with a friend, who lives in Corner Brook, and her daughter, who lives in Saskatoon. They were just recovering from a very serious family tragedy, so it was extra kind and special that they made time for us. I guess the distraction of having three people descend on you from out of nowhere can be useful now and then. They gathered their knitting friends and we had a wonderful dinner and then, knitting and talking. There was a bit of melancoly in the air but it still was a fun evening and so nice to see some familiar faces, especially to see our friend in her native land. I barely remembered to take a photograph because we were having such a good time but here are two blurry ones just to prove it really happened.

This one features our friend, Linda who looks like she is flapping her wings but she is actually showing off a scarf/shawl that both she and her daughter are quite addicted to knitting. They gave us a copy of the pattern and heavily encouraged Lucy to start one right away. Lucy, however, has taken to other activities on this trip.

Perhaps I should post some her poems and Finn's drawings next.

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Anonymous said...

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, both inside and outside MacKenzies Coles Coffee Shop (where the Saskatoon Knitting Circle meets on most Sunday afternoons). Indeed our conversations take on a life of their own. We often speak of knitting, but indulge in topics such as politics, local issues, the colour of ones hair, the state of various social issues, our pets, our other passions in life, and a host of other topics. Nothing is off limits and most everything that tweaks our interest is fair game.

Whether we are small in number (Jeanette, Shakthi, Leanne, and I are featured in the photo) or fill the entire room we always have a great time with a lot of garters and even more giggles.

Thanks again for stopping by Robyn. We hope to see you again sometime and please keep us informed on how the art projects are coming along.