Thursday, December 15, 2011

Enforced Relaxation

Yesterday, I had my second surgery on my foot.  My health scare was about skin cancer - the bad one that begins with a M.  It is a topic that I suspect will never be too far away given my overall paleness and reckless history of sunburns.  In any case, this time, instead of being overly freaked out, I was, perhaps, overly nonchalant.  A sizable piece of flesh was removed and I headed home via subway with my heel bandaged and taped, stopping at the bank and the drug store for some errands.  Upon arrival home, I discovered that my sock was soaked through with blood (hand knit socks, too!) and my shoe was quickly filling up.  To a chorus of "eeeewww"s from Finn and Lucy, I raced upstairs to rinse off and apply some pressure, leaving a trail of bloody footprints behind.

Boy, this story is getting gory.

Lucy suggested I photograph my wound and post it on Facebook.  I wonder how many "unfriends" I would get if I did that?  I did photograph it and I could post a photo here....shall I?

Nah.  It is red and juicy.  You get the picture.  This morning, more blood in the kitchen after I attempted to walk normally.  So it is that I am home with my foot up, missing Finn and Lucy's special presentations at their homeschool Waldorf program.  To comfort me, Lucy told me that it was ok, she would just tell the  instructor that I didn't love them.  She's such a dear.

On the bright side, it means I have all day to just sit around trying not to bleed.  Shall I fix my website?  Rewrite my artist's statement?

Or perhaps, begin that sweater I have planned and for which I recently purchased this yarn?

Anzula "Squishy" (merino, cashmere and nylon) - purchased with a gift certificate from my dear friend Jennifer from Newfoundland at Purl Soho with my dear friend Anne from Newfoundland.  Must knit this sweater and wear it to Newfoundland!

Or should I spin, having had three requests for yarn in the last two weeks? will treadling be in this current condition?  "Blood on the Spinning Wheel: The Robyn Love Story" (A possible title for my autobiography.)

Or maybe I will just read a book and snuggle with these two cutie pies.

So many delicious choices on this day of enforced relaxation.


Taos Sunflower said...

There's no question on this are clearly supposed to knit and rest today. Awesome! PS Love the autobiography title, sitting here cracking up all by myself.

OfTroy said...

I had minor surgery back in Oct--and was left with a deep pit in my leg--(its still not fully healed) and my daughters (her to be) asked if i video taped the whole thing to put on You Tube. (truthfully i couldn't even watch the procedure myself--) but its a funny reaction--(OOH, gore! Oh, post it!)
Keep your foot up (No spinning) take care of your self--It will be months before its fully healed--and longer if you don't protect it now!

Get to work (if you must work) on your sweater.

Robyn said...

Helen, I hope it won't be months!! I am kind of pissed that I will be missing my yoga practice tomorrow. I did try to spin - no blood on the wheel - and it was ok. I think I need to get some yarn in the etsy shop despite it totally being the absolutely wrong time to do it.

Hope you are feeling 100% better!!

Nestforawren said...

My dad just had a quarter size skin cancer removed, and they grafted skin from somewhere else. It was mandatory that he sit, sit and sit. Let the kids wait on you!!

Thsi is one of those times when pushing through and keeping status quo is not to your benefit! Be a Princess!!!

deborah said...

Wounds on the feet heal slowly. Try doing legs up the wall while you're healing. I'm not sure if you'll be able to knit like that, though!

Patti Blaine said...

Thinking of you and your tender foot, Robyn. Be well! And thanks for making Bruce laugh. He did *not* go to the Mall (home of Apple here).

ShannonAnn said...

Hi Robyn,
Sorry to hear about your foot, I hope it heals quickly. Missing your practice is going to drive you nuts!
Wishing you a Beautiful Christmas!

dorinalouise said...

the yarn and the cats are gorgeous.

my brother-in-law had a piece of his flesh taken out, like you, on his thigh. not pleasant. give yourself time to heal and rest and breathe. it's difficult to miss things . . you're always on the go. i hope the kitties and the yarn helped you to feel a little better.

sending healing vibes . . xoxo.