Saturday, December 24, 2011

One More Thing (and on and on...)

But wait!  There's more!

  • This program sounds really wonderful:  The Studio Museum of Harlem will kick-off a series of community quilting workshops during Target Free Sundays. Join quilt and fiber artist Ife Felix in conversation with Faith Ringgold as they explore the history and significance of quilting as a collaborative activity. In celebration of the Kwanzaa principal Kuumba, which means creativity.  You are invited to participate in the creation of a community quilt.  December 29, 2011 from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Studio Museum of Harlem, 144 West 125th Street, btw Lenox Ave. and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd.
  • My neighbor in McIvers, the artist extraordinaire, Colette Urban, is selling 2012 calendars featuring images from her new work Limited Possessions.  She has carefully crafted her website so that I can't steal an image from it, but it is really fantastic and funny and will make every month of 2012 fabulous for you, guaranteed.  That is quite a bargain for $20 + shipping, so click here and order a year of fabulousness immediately!  ETA:  Wait - I found an image I could steal!  Enjoy.

  • Call it my legacy or perhaps my rightful inheritance, but while some are born with silver spoons in their mouths, I was born with silver knitting needles in my hands.  Or something like that.  All I know is that this is my Christmas present from my mom:
  • A gorgeous, wool, hand knit afghan.  In a feat of stamina that belies her 84 years, she is making one for each of her children in the colour of their choosing.  Alas, not only do I have to fight over it with Finn and Lucy, but the kittens have tried to stake their claim on it too.  I try to maintain a generous, open heart with most things but I feel the cold clamp down of possessiveness when it comes to sharing the warm woolies.  Maybe I need to make a 2013 calendar of my limited possessions?
  • Finally, I have been spinning and I do plan to stock up my etsy shop first thing in the new year.  In keeping with my tradition of never having a full shop over the busy shopping season, I will break out the goods just in time for the post-holiday slump.  It is all part of my very successful strategy of "How Not to Succeed in Business".  I will be recording seminars on this topic for interested viewers, available on VHS and Beta.  Audio available on cassette tape.
Happy New Year one and all!  1987 is going to be great!


Patti Blaine said...

No reel-to-reel audio tape? Or a wax cylinder, better yet!

Your mom's afghan is stunning! Horde it!!


seagrrlz said...

Robyn, just want to wish you,lucy and Finn a happy holiday and a fabulous new year.

I would love to see that wonderful afghan that your mom madelaid out. That is an awesome present.

Hoping to see you again next summer(if not sooner) for another spinning workshop. I had a great time @ the last one and would love to do it again!

Robyn said...

Patti - how about cuneiform? Should be a hot seller, like all my money-making ideas.

Martina - all my love to you and Tammy too! I will take better pictures of that afghan. It deserves a good photo shoot.

I am not sure about my Newfoundland plans for 2012. If I can be there, I will be there. It would be awesome to do another workshop and I know Colette is totally ready. Let's see how it all pans out.....XOX

Taos Sunflower said...

Your mom knits like that? Awesome!!! I love the photos...I remember going with my parents to look at those little Metropolitan cars when they first came out. Hope you have a good retreat...see you next year.