Sunday, April 01, 2012

It's Better Than A Joke

Here is a trick for April Fool's Day - not a joke, just an amazing trick that you, too, can do with your own body.

First, Sit on the ground with your legs out straight.

Second, find your right (or left - just pick one) pubic bone.  Yes, it is where it sounds like it is.  Find it and keep a finger or two on it.

Third, reach forward with only your right (or left - if you chose your left pubic bone) big toe.  Not dramatically, just extend your big toe (only) a wee bit, which is really all you can do anyway so don't worry about it, just do it.

Did you feel it?

Did you know that your other toes each directly connect to and can cause movement in other areas of your pelvis?

Freaking amazing!


Helen Griffin said...

Make understand foot fetishes a bit easier, doesn't it?

Robyn said...

haha - I never thought of it that way....but yes, it does make sense!