Friday, March 30, 2012

Yarn and then Some Important Work

Look!  New yarn added to my shop!  After I crunched those mega-numbers for my taxes (in TWO countries, I might add), I realized that nearly one-third of my income came from yarn and yarn-related activities last year.  Now, that can only mean two things.  One:  I have a pitiful income and (2) I better start making me some yarn.  In between memorizing ixty-million Vedic chants and (1) Ode to Patanjali, I have been spinning, this time without guilt.  Because, you know, if it is making the green stuff, then it is WorthWhile.

What else to my wandering eyes did appear?  How about this:

A person I know from high school does this fundraiser every year to raise money for cancer research.  She bikes from Sturbridge to Provincetown, MA - 192 miles.  Crazy, right?  It would be crazy except that one of her main motivations has been the loss of her father to cancer and the fact that last year she personally raised over $30,000.  Perhaps you can help her do even better this year - click here to the link to her fundraising page.

Or, perhaps this?

Filmmaker, Mary Bosakowski, is making a documentary about veterans returning home after war.  Titled After the War, the film "profiles combat Veterans who have served in past and current conflicts and know war intimately. In our names, they have witnessed and sacrificed more than we can fathom. As they share their personal journeys ‘after the war,’ their candor and courage provide entry to a powerful story of healing in an increasingly violent world."  The link leads to her Facebook page for the film.  She told me that she could use some FB love right now, so head over there and click on "like".  You will have the added benefit of being able to keep up with her progress.  I think it will be an amazing film.

It is good to know people who are out there doing important work on our behalf.

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