Friday, March 02, 2012

Made to be Broken

Vows, I've made a few.  Then again, too few to mention.

Let's cut to the chase:

 La Lana is going out of business and based in Taos.  They were selling off their stock only in-store and by telehone.  By some freak alignment of the universe, I was in the right place at the right time.

Then, I stumbled into some bins in Ani's dyeing studio.  Emerging, breathless, these rovings seemed to be caught in my hands.  I did my best to shake them off but they just wouldn't leave me alone.  Ani left me alone - so maybe it was her fault.  I don't know - there may even have been a black out period.  Heart pounding, blood rushing - it's all a blur until the moment when I had to fight off Martie when she tried to snatch a couple of them out of my hands.  It is hard to maintain the fiction that you are overcome with wool fumes when you have to use a stealth-like cunning to maneuver around another lustful spinner with a lean and hungry look in her eyes.

But, having escaped my encounter with Martie, I realized that I had selected everything within a very limited palette.  Ani cleared things up by gifting me - yes, she actually used a noun as a verb!** - this green one.  Balance was restored.  The earth continued to spin on its axis.  All was well once more.

Better luck next time, Martie!

** She didn't, actually.  She is far too eloquent to do that.

Also, yarn was both created and purchased.

This is some local Asheville hand painted yarn.  I was stimulating the local economy!  And since we were staying in a hotel that, until very recently, was of the hourly rate variety, I thought it was the kind of stimulation downtown Asheville needed, thank you very much.

This is some naturally-dyed yarn from La Lana.  I am a sucker for indigo and over-dyeing.

I made some yarn too - not a lot of yardage but enough to make an Arroyo Seco hat, perhaps.

And then, when we arrived back in NYC (safe and sound!), our house guests left these behind...

Be still my heart!  Fiddlehead mitts!  Knit (I believe) with some hand-dyed, handspun yarn that is beyond soft and warm.  C'mon winter, you can muster a dying gasp and give me some weather that requires these gorgeous mitts.  I want to show them off!

So, yes, my vow was broken.  But I did it my way.


dorinalouise said...

ha ha! (sigh). it's all beautiful. including those mitts. well, imho winter is gone, but i'm sure we'll have a freak storm before june (!).

welcome back to the big apple.

Taos Sunflower said...

Robyn: I was tired and off my game, clearly. However, it would have been pretty low of me to let you drive across country to find Ani's inventory all picked over (patting myself on the shoulder), wouldn't it??? It only hurt for a little bit, that feeling of fiber loss; I consoled myself knowing there will be more where that came from. I just need to be paying more attention to what's happening right under my own roof! XOXOX