Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where the Magic Happens

First, a detour to examine the grinder situation of Taos.  No, they do not call them grinders (what a find that would have been!).  I think subs was the preferred nomenclature but at one establishment, just after the turn off for Arroyo Seco on Rte. 150, they call them Tunnels.  I had been warned? alerted? that these were the best in town.  

We sampled them as part of the confluence of our New Mexico tribe - Carol and her husband, Tom, drove up from Santa Fe for a visit and lunch with Martie and Ani.  I guess, technically, Tunnels are HOGs (Hot Oven Grinders), a separate story from our original investigations.

Love the Grateful Dead reference they managed to sneak in - this is Taos after all.

Everyone seemed very pleased with their Tunnels.  Personally, I object to the battered french fries.  Besides being a bitter shock to those who depend on french fries as a gluten-free option where none other may exist, it is just too much of a good thing.  Keep it simple is my watch word for the humble fry.
After a delicious lunch that can't be beat, Carol and Tom returned to Santa Fe and we went up the mountain to Martie's straw bale house.  It is definitely a four-wheel-drive experience to get there.  Well worth the effort. however.  The outside scenery is stunning (once again...New Mexico is definitely a Land of Enchantment) and the inside scenery is pretty fabulous too.

Ani at her wheel in Martie's fibre loft.

A stash to die for.

Martie about to give me and Lucy a demo on her large wheel with a quill attachment thingie.  
 After a bit of spinning on Martie's Jensen wheel (like buttah), Ani and I went down into her dyeing lair so I could see her stock of hand painted fibres.  Just looking, you understand.

A bin of Merino.

BFL and silk blend.
 Her bottles and jars.  Yes folks, this is where the Widdershin Woolworks magic happens.

Longtime readers of this blog may remember something about a vow to not buy any fibre until my current stash is used up.

In my next post I will reveal how that vow held up....it's a real nail biter!

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