Thursday, February 23, 2012

Heaven Right Here on Earth

The ride between Santa Fe and Taos deserves it own post.  We took the supposedly "less scenic" low road because the supposedly "more scenic" high road can be a bit iffy this time of year, especially for those traveling in Earth-friendly hybrid cars without four wheel drive.

Yeah, it was pretty tough to miss out on the scenery and choke down this instead:

Especially this moment as you get to the top of a plateau and round a corner...

...the Rio Grande Gorge.  Holy smokes!  Even Finnian was roused out of his nothing-will-ever-impress-me attitude and gave a gasp.  It is like a cartoon of a crack in the Earth made giant-sized.  And we felt appropriately puny in relation to it.  

Still, we took photos.

Oh my god, how did I end up with a mother like this?
Then we arrived in Taos, met up with Martie and her clan for a supper that was muy deliciosa, and headed to the little village of Arroyo Seco, where we are staying in what used to be Martie's yarn shop, Taos Sunflower.  

I am not sure what I expected exactly but it sure wasn't this.  I think I thought it would be one step up from a tent (which was totally fine with me).  Instead, it is a very comfortable space -with wifi - filled with fibre and yarn and equipment for working with said fibre and yarn.  I was speechless.

I call this The Wall of Happiness.

Skeins of yarn, mostly Malabrigo, to make me and Lucy swooning with joy, and a flat screen television that made Finn perk up.  He had been convinced that we were leaving civilization behind too, but with a lot less enthusiasm.

Martie and her husband, Roger, got us settled in and as she left, Martie said, "make some batts!"

We did.

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Patti Blaine said...

Heaven indeed! You look great, Robyn!