Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Bid High

Breathe, 2012.  Crochet cotton, gesso, masonite, 23 x 13 cm.
One should not forget to breathe.  This is very important when giving birth to another human being, when doing drop backs and, in general, as an ordinary, daily thing.  Please try to do it for as long as you can.  I also highly recommend just noticing your breathe every now and then.  It is there for you, so give it a little attention.  You might be glad you did.

In case you need a reminder to breathe, you can bid on this artwork as part of The Sweetest Little Thing fundraiser for Struts Artist-run Centre in Sackville, New Brunswick.  Struts is a lively place filled with art-making and artist-supporting.  They hosted the conference, A Handmade Assembly, last year (where I was invited to participate on a panel and give a talk, so it must have been good).  I will be going back this fall for some good workshop fun....but only if they get lots of funding.  Which they need.  And deserve.

Breathe is not up on their website yet, so you can not actually bid on it today.  But soon!  At the moment, however, you can bid on a piece by Barb Hunt.   Really, you can't lose.

Happy bidding!

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