Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Asheville = Good

We bid our dear kitties good-bye and hit the road.  Note to would-be burglars:  Our house is filled with more people than usual so you will be disappointed.

Our first real stop is Asheville, NC.  Everyone who I told that we would be stopping there said that I would love Asheville.  Normally, when that happens I automatically think that I will, therefore, hate it.  I knew why people said it.  They said it because Asheville has a high hippie quotient and, it is, as Finnian said, like a smaller Portland, Oregon.  (Like a good teenager, he said that with a bit of a sneer in his voice).

Dang it, but I do love Asheville!  Sometimes it is hard to be someplace where I see all my favorite things out on parade - it reminds me that I am such a cliche.  But then again, how can I really hate a place like that?  As I walked home from my morning yoga class, the answer was definitely no, I can not.  

Plus, we met up with my friend, the artist, Patrick Glover.  He lives in Charlotte, NC, but is desperately trying to save money to move to Asheville, where there is more of a community for him.  It was great to hang out and have some supper... the Mellow Mushroom.  Hippie pizza - gotta love it!

For Uncle David - Hoagies?  Really?  We also have seen many signs for "subs".  No sign of grinders anywhere.  Just FYI.

Yes.  Asheville = good.  We will wander about more today and enjoy a potluck lunch over at Phil Mechanic Studios, a most groovy place that is doing what so many of us dream of doing - creating a space for artists of all kinds that is welcoming and affordable and fun.  And they process and sell biodiesel fuel.  

Yes, Asheville = good.


Helen Griffin said...

Robyn--you live a simple life. The only thief who would be happy to rob you would be a fiber artist! and while its nice to think all of us fiber artists are of high moral fiber (ha!) i think your stash could tempt anyone!

I hope every stop on you vacation trip is as wonderful!

Yariski said...

French bread or whole wheat? Who are these hoagie hippies?

Robyn said...

The pizza was good but no worries about their "hoagies" winning any prizes anytime soon. Rumour has it that there are some great...let's call them in Taos with homemade bread. We'll see.