Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not Texas Anymore

When we left Amarillo, the landscape was flatter than flat.  Other than some very disturbing feed lots, where cows filled the horizon as far as the eye could see (please never eat beef if you don't know exactly where it comes from - as Lucy said, you eat the cow's suffering), things were rather empty.  

And then we turned a corner and went over a small rise and everything changed.

We entered New Mexico.  It is hard to explain but there was an immediate change, not just in landscape but in a general feeling.  It wasn't Texas anymore.

A young Johnny Depp, Lucy and I had lunch in Santa Rosa.  We didn't go to the Blue Hole.  We tried but road work made it impossible.  What is the Blue Hole?  I can't tell you because we didn't get there.  But there were signs with arrows.  If you saw signs with arrows pointing to something called the Blue Hole, wouldn't you go?

We did find this.

And this.

Then we turned north to Santa Fe.  A stunning landscape on all sides.


Helen Griffin said...

maybe the Blue Hole is like the Red Apple Rest on old Rte 17. Imfamous--with all its signs--but really nothing very special once you get there.

Robyn said...

I think it is water-related sight...a deep, blue hole...or so I have been told.

Tom Sommers said...

It's a favorite of New Mexico scuba divers (I don't think there is a second place.)