Sunday, February 19, 2012

Everything's Bigger in Texas

Mississippi was but a stop-over on our way to one of the primary destinations of this vacation:  Irving, Texas.  Some people looked askance at me when I named Irving as a hot spot for us but what they didn't realize is that, besides being a Dallas suburb and home to Dallas Cowboy Stadium (which, btw, was demolished in 2010 - click here for a video of it being imploded), Irving is home to the Taj Chaat House.

Look!  It is still here!  We stumbled across it in 2008 when we came to Dallas to install The Knitted Mile. Our hotel was in Irving and we were looking for supper.  We took a chance.  Occasionally such chances are rewarded and this time it was so.  The Taj Chaat House offers up some of the best South Indian food outside of South India, and in a style that is so uniquely South Indian, meaning that you fill out paperwork (with carbon copies) to place your order.

It was just as good as we remembered.  We had only one night in Irving so we made an executive decision to make a late getaway the next day.  By delaying, we were able to go to Pink's Western World in the morning.

It is home to more boots and hats than you can imagine.  In 2008, Lucy got a pair of boots there that were so beautiful and amazing here that we still mourn the fact that her feet got bigger.

But she found another pair!  To top it off, we were able to have another meal that can't be beat at the TCH.  (Note:  see that woman in the background?  She is the dosa maker!  We bow at her feet!)  Stuffed to the gills with iddly, vada and dosa, we hit the road and headed still further west.  

I think West Texas should have this as a slogan:  West Texas - Flatter than Saskatchewan.  It is sure to bring in the visitors!

Also, they have snakes.

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