Saturday, February 04, 2012

Our Home and Native Land, sort of

Oh dear God, not another cat picture...

This missive comes from high atop Mt. Webster.  

Here is what I have learned lately:
  • The men at the service desk at Queensboro Toyota love Canadians.  Having spent the past two Fridays there, I have noticed a trend.  The first time, the guy told me Canadians are smarter than Americans because they figured out how to have decent health care "like Europe".  I was impressed to be having a conversation about single-payer health care with the service desk guy at Toyota.  The second time (and different guy), I learned that he loved Canadians "because they are very relaxed".  He also said he wanted to go to Toronto one day.  I said, "You live in New York!  Why do you need to go to Toronto?"  (sorry, Toronto) He said, "I've heard it's nice there.  Plus, New York isn't all it's cracked up to be."  You heard it here first.  My fellow Canadians, should you ever feel unloved and unwanted, head over to Queensboro Toyota on Northern Boulevard and 62nd Street in Woodside.  A warm welcome awaits.
  • We have a Canadian car, which is how these conversations got started.  
  • In case you were wondering.
I think that is all the bullet points I can conjure up today.  I may not have learned much but I am damn proud to be (semi)Canadian.


Taos Sunflower said...

Right on, Mr. Service Man. I'm with you on health care but not so much on Toronto (I'm over cities at this point in life). I think of myself as a closet Canadian, even though I don't get to spend time there like you do, Robyn. I have to do it vicariously.

Safe travels, looking forward to seeing you here in NM!! XXXXX

Robyn said...

The car is ready and waiting!! See you soon! XOXO