Monday, May 07, 2012

A Little Link Love

As Lucy pulled another shirt of mine out of my closet, she said, "You used to wear nice clothes."  Then she gave me the once-over.  "But look at you now..."

Hey - I just returned from mysore practice!  Sheesh.

That is a Monday morning for you around here.

To bring the discourse up a notch, I want to share some words and images of others whose work I have been enjoying lately.  And, no doubt, they also are much better dressed than I am, too.

A new blog by a Zen practioner and priest, Koun Franz.  I find his words to be like the clear and sincere ringing of a bell.

The blog of artist, Altoon Sultan.  She makes paintings and hooks rugs as art - thoughtful, beautiful work. She also writes about her garden and other artist's work and posts lovely photographs.

Anne Dinan's blog.  Anne makes jewelry based on forms in nature - often electroforming natural objects.  I don't really understand her process - she only posts photographs - but the results are gorgeous and very intriguing.  Anne was one of my closest friends in high school.  We lost touch soon thereafter and only reconnected recently via Facebook.  Whenever I think about quitting Facebook, I think of Anne and how happy I am to be back in touch with her.

Photodocumentary blog by Les Stone.  Les is documenting the human and environmental cost of fracking.  It isn't pretty - in fact, it is horrible and tragic.  His photographs are poignant and beautiful even as they record the senseless, wasteful horror of this misguided practice.

And if you don't know what fracking is, check out this video made by some Irish teenagers.  They have created the clearest description of it (and how/why it is such a very bad idea) that I have seen to date.

As a side note, I would put links to those blogs on my sidebar over there but blogger rarely allows me to change my design for some reason.  If and when it does, I will add them.

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MyMixMix said...

Thank you so much for your "love links". I am slowly going through them and find them amazingly interesting as well as enjoyable.