Tuesday, May 29, 2012

(No Impact Week - Day #2) Change and Change and Change

Here is some more 1970s idealism from my favourite TV show ever, Free to Be You and Me with Marlo Thomas.

Today's challenge, trash and transportation, is added to yesterday's focus on consumption.  In terms of trash, we do our best to recycle whatever New York City allows us to recycle (which isn't as much as you would think) and I compost our kitchen scraps.  Since I was raised with parents who grew up in the Depression era and steeped us in their "waste not, want not" attitude, being wasteful is not one of my issues.  Please be assured, I have many others but this is not really one of them.  We are ahead of the curve in eliminating unnecessary trash from our lives but I know we can do better.

Transportation is a little trickier.  Normally on a Tuesday, I would drive to Brooklyn for several errands, including the week's food shopping.  Since this week, I am trying to only buy at the farmer's markets, I don't need to drive today so I will take the subway.  It is a little over an hour each way into Brooklyn from Sunnyside - longer than driving - but not terrible.  And I can knit in air conditioned splendor!

Did you know that Rosie Grier is famous for his crochet work as well as his crying?  Maybe I will shed a couple of tears just for Rosie while I knit on the N train this afternoon.

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Taos Sunflower said...

I wish I lived somewhere with good public transportation...I grew up either riding buses or walking and I miss those times.

Didn't know that about Rosie...I do recall he was big on needlepoint...blessings on him for showing his tender sides.