Thursday, April 04, 2013

A Different Kind of Charm

Lucy used to keep a blog written under a false name for the doll who supposedly wrote it i.e. the name of the person writing the blog was not even the name of the doll.  In fact, the name was female and the doll was male.  Or as male as one could make out from a velour shape filled with rice and stuffing.  I loved that blog and she even started having a following of people who had no actual relationship to her.  She coulda been an internet phenomenon.  But she was, you know, eleven.

Now she has started a new blog:  Lucy's Museum.

It isn't the same innocent charm of Sodia Pop, but it is most definitely charming.  Check it out.


dorinalouise said...

i missed sodia pop. so glad sodia like is going to blog some again.

p.s. so nice to see finn around the theatre. there wouldn't be a show without the techies.

Robyn said...

Yes, I am happy she is doing it again - her own quirky take on the world.

And yes, too, to Finn be around the theatre. He claims that Lucien "made him do it" but he is having fun. I think it is really a great thing for him! And you ought to know, being the mom of the Queen of the Techies! : )