Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY Cockcades

Yes, I have a bicycle in my living room.  I know it will miraculously find a place to reside at some point.  If I just click my heels together three times and say "there's no place like home..." all will be put to rights.  Meanwhile, a small assembly line was created in the shadow of the cycle.

I had managed to put together two Be A Rebel or Just Look Like One/DIY Cockcade Kits for the opening of Battle Ground last Saturday at Proteus Gowanus.  I still had four more to make up before I could cross that item off my To Do list.  

The kits are for sale in the PG gift shop.  And what do you get for the money?

Everything!  Well, everything you need to make a cockcade:  ribbon, pins, an already-threaded needle (worth the price alone!), a center piece on which you can write your own rebellious message, a felt backing and instructions.

All kept neat and tidy in a lovely paper mache box.

Available through June 30th.


Helen Griffin said...

You live in a tardis. Magically, it seems, there is always more room inside your house than seems possible (especially when looking a the size of from the outside. I can't imagine how you fit in 2 teenagers, let along anything else!

Robyn said...

Hahahaha - that cracks me up, Helen! I wish it was a tardis...instead it is just kind of messy.