Monday, June 03, 2013

A Night to Remember

Saturday night was Prom Night in Gillams.  On Wednesday, Lucy and her friend shouted at me from our front porch while I worked in the yard that she was going to the prom.  I'm afraid my reply won't be putting me in the running for Best Mother of the Year.  I said, "what do I have to do?"

Lucy may never allow me to forget that, especially since the response of her friend's mom was to find a dress for her (in red satin, no less!) and generally be very, very excited and happy.  I did my honest best to keep my opinions to myself because this was Lucy's thing and, somehow (I wonder?), she already knew what I was thinking.  She gave me a look that said, "just please, this once, be normal."  Goodness knows I try!

Fast forward to Saturday.  The dress was altered to fit Lucy, a floral arrangement was purchased for the lucky lad who was to be her "date".  Shoes, hair, jewelry, rides, photographs - all was organized and complete.

It was a scene, alright.  Even the parents got dressed up to take the requisite photographs, except for me of course because I was so far out of my depth it was not even a question.  But it did allow me to take some more photographs of people talking photographs.

May I point out here that it was about 5C/40F with a stiff breeze off the water on Saturday evening.  I was wearing my winter coat and I was still cold.  But for 14 year old girls in their first semi-formal wear, my dear, nothing would induce them to cover up.

I am including this one only because it reveals a clever and brilliant way of using trash bags as prom decoration.  Hey - you gotta use what you have!

And this one because it is just so wonderful and mysterious.  How much data collection about cleaning supplies can the town require?  Apparently, the answer is:  a lot.

In case you were wondering...Lucy looked beautiful, had a nice time and, with no prompting from me (I swear!), saw into a good deal of the comedy and tragedy of the event.  The apple, even a red, satin one, doesn't fall far from the tree.

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Stone Angel said...

lucy - you look beautiful - I love your hair. My daughter always asked me to "be normal" too! I used to bake bread in coffee cans and she was made terrible fun of at school - told me it "ruined my life in Junior High".