Friday, June 21, 2013

Not Even Looking...

The "T.M." stands for Toni Morrison.

Did a bit of self-promotion for the Saskatoon project yesterday, which is always fun because it means I hear back from people who I love to hear from as a result.  And I did!  I also had a bit of a holy sh*t moment when I realized that I leave in a week and I shall we say...a LOT to finish before then.  So I have entered the head-down phase of the project.

I have been having trouble with the tent part.  I just can't seem to find the right thing to make the structure and resources are limited here so my options are limited.  I have settled on PVC pipe and connectors, but in true Corner Brook fashion (or what I think of as Corner Brook fashion) (sorry Corner Brook), nothing quite fits and it isn't exactly what I want and I have to make all sorts of weird adjustments to get what I want and the percentage of my thoughts about it that include "I hope the whole thing doesn't fall down in the middle of it all" is just a little too high for my liking.  But the Rubicon has been crossed and I am left with my hopes that it isn't so clap-trap as to be embarrassing.

And so...back to work!

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