Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Inter/Intra/Indra's Net

For the next month, I will be blogging over here.

I am very excited to be the second-ever virtual Artist in Residence at Struts Artist-Run Centre in Sackville, NB.  This project coincides with the lead-up to their most awesome event, A Handmade Assembly.  It was a great pleasure to participate in their inaugural Assembly back in 2011 and it is possibly an even greater pleasure to dig in to it even more with this opportunity.

My project, which will exist online in the form of photos and my commentary, also is happening in my studio.  The project, titled, Inter/Intra/Indra's Net, is an exploration of relationships and how they are manifested in this time that is so marked by our online interactions.  I like that the project mimics the residency in that it is looking closely at how the real and the virtual interact (or if they do) all the while being both real and virtual.  Whoa, my head is exploding!

Anyway, while I pick up pieces of my brain, go on over and check it out!  All is explained in great detail (did you doubt it?).

See ya there!

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