Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome To My Life

Look what I came home with!  My time at the Monastery wasn't just about realizing the true nature of things; it also was dedicated to sewing two sets of altar cloths for the main altar.  Due to a miscommunication (thankfully not directly involving me!), they went out and purchased this (gulp) Bernina.  As you can see, it is a demo model so it was steeply discounted but still, it's a Bernina.  Berninas are famous for their unmatched quality and for costing a much as the GNP of some small nations.  The person who found it online and purchased it knew that she was getting a great deal but it was still a bit rich for the blood of the Monastery.  

On the second morning of my sewing endeavours, the abbott and the training coordinator came by and pulled me aside.  The abbott said, "Did you talk to her yet?"

Training coordinator, "Not yet."  Then, looking at me, "Nothing's wrong - don't worry."

Are there any words in the English language that would cause one to worry more?

But, as it turned out, they simply wanted to know if I wanted to buy the machine from them.  Oh yes!  Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

O glorious machine!  You are so Swiss and perfect.  Welcome to my life.

Then, two days ago, this arrived.  In a move sure to baffle any and all MBA's, Ani of Widdershin Woolworks sent a gift roving to each of the people who participated in her team of the Tour de Fleece.  This is one of the overdyed grey Shetland rovings that she has made even more beautiful.  Thank you Ani!  And to you, beautiful roving, I say (wait for it):

Welcome to my life!

BTW, I have been in discussion with Ani about coming to Newfoundland next summer to lead a dyeing workshop and she is willing.  We haven't settled on dates yet but if you think you would like to attend (and what better excuse to come to Newfoundland), please let me know!

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Rebecca Martin said...

That is really awesome! I'm glad that the monastery was able to financially recover, and you were able to benefit, and everyone was happy! How perfect!