Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Mojo is No Go

Coffee, books and yarn.  This is the good kind of multi-tasking.

Somewhere among all my trips these past two months, I lost my multi-tasking mojo.  I am definitely a "more is more" kind of person.  Homeschooling?  Art making?  Yoga teaching?  Zen practice?  Bring. It. On.

Or so I thought.  These past couple of weeks, however, I have noticed that I keep losing things.  Important things.  Things that need to be deposited into bank accounts and things that cost real money.  I am taking it as a sign that, perhaps, I need to stay home just a little bit more.

Early on in my homeschooling career when the kids were quite young, I remember hearing another mother (of five, no less!) saying how the solution to almost all of her family's problems could be solved by staying home more and running around the city less.  I think of it often, in fact.  Even now, as the mother of teenagers, I see how my being home - not necessarily interacting with anyone - is very important to the general happiness of everyone involved.  But the schedule has been a bit more hectic than usual and things feel like they are leaking out at the edges.  Leaking out and, apparently, disappearing because I can not find anything anymore.

Now I will leave you so I can search for that sheet of stamps that I know I left somewhere around here...

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