Monday, December 16, 2013

The Spinster's Bubble?

The holiday sale went well.  I sold a few skeins of yarn and traded one for a beautiful ceramic piece by Anne-Marie McIntyre.  There is something about yarn and ceramics...they go together so well, especially as trades.

Here is one interesting difference between selling handspun yarn in Brooklyn vs. Newfoundland: people in Brooklyn had to be told that the yarn was handspun (this, despite the tags labeling it as such). For a good long while, I did not understand that visitors did not understand that it was handspun until someone asked me if I was the distributor for the yarn or what.  When I replied that I actually made the yarn, she still looked perplexed, no doubt trying imagine what kind of massive machinery I must own.  Finally I said, "I handspun it".

"Oh!!  You mean you spun this yourself?  Like on a spinning wheel?  Wow!"

What seemed obvious to me was clearly not even on people's radar here.  After that exchange, I mentioned it to everyone who seemed even vaguely interested in the yarn.  Nearly every single person had the same reaction, as if the notion of spinning wool into yarn was so out there as to be unimaginable.

I guess we all live in our own version of The Bubble.

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