Friday, January 24, 2014

The 'citment

Several years ago, Finnian came up with some phrases that are, in fact, gibberish but, when put to use in everyday language, seem just perfect.

One of these is "the 'citment" which isn't so gibberish-y because it is simply a somewhat sarcastic way of saying that what you are getting all excited about isn't very interesting to me.  As in, "oh, the citment..." said in a deadpan way.

Another is "jazz the mo-mo" which means "I'll be ready in a minute".  Gotta admit, it's catchy.  And jazzy.

My mo-mo is totally jazzed (I think I just changed the meaning of Finn's phrase, but I like it) about the work I am preparing for the exhibition in Brooklyn.  I was side-tracked with some sewing work - more on that later - but after spending the day in my studio, I am really excited about how things are coming together.

I am reluctant to show too much before it is all installed.  Suffice to say...

...the 'citment is palpable.

Yes, 2014.  Pencil and ink on paper, 10" x 14"

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