Friday, May 29, 2015

Work Continues Apace

Someone - I won't mention names - being of a collaborative nature, suggested that each of the artists and writers here make a page that will be bound into a little book, edition of six.  One of for each of us and one for the Saltonstall Foundation.  Being of generous nature, everyone agreed and we have all been working on our pages.  I chose to make all of mine the same so everyone will get the same thing - there is a front, centerfold and back.  This is the front and back; the centerfold is a watercolor landscape of the hillside I see from my Studio B aka the patio.

That would be me.

I decided to embrace my status as the lucky one.  Must say that I am quite pleased how they turned out. I think everyone else has been working on their pages too so I think it will be a sweet, little project in the end.

Here is a glimpse of my watercolor drawings and yarn.  You can see why I jumped up to spin it, no?

Here are some other of my materials.  Somehow childhood bedsheets and pillow cases have been figuring heavily.  I am not asking questions!  I am just making things!  (As an aside, what do you call that little rotary tool?  I found it in a second hand shop and it is proving very useful but I can't remember its name.)

Each evening, I take a walk after supper with my little camera.  I challenge myself to find something new on what has become a familiar path.  Somedays I don't see much but, last night, it was easy.  

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