Friday, January 29, 2016

The Music City

Is he bragging or is it a cry for help?

Once again, it is time to drive for 16 hours and get myself to Nashville!  We are on Module 4 of our three-year, six module yoga therapy training.  I have today to recover from said drive and gather my strength for the upcoming nine days.  

It is intense and wonderful but there is not a lot of down time.  So, I am using today to stock up on food for quick suppers and do a few self-care things so that I can be alert - bright eyed and bushy-tailed - for tomorrow morning when it all begins at 7 am sharp.  One of my favourite rituals is going to the Whole Foods in Nashville and treating myself to something that I would never buy in New York - fancy soap or something.  

Today, I decided that I also would try a hot yoga class that was nearby and sounded fun.  I have never done hot yoga before.  Some people love it!  Note to self: never, ever take hot yoga again.  It possibly explains why I was about double the age of anyone else in the room.  People my age and older are supposed to have some sort of wisdom and there is nothing wise about hot yoga.  It was a hell realm.

My yoga mentor is fond of saying things like, "Patañjali’s Yogasūtra explains how the experiences we have shape who we are and influence how we conduct ourselves in our lives."  

Point taken.


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