Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Edgewater ain't what it used to be

For those who fell in love with Edgewater, NJ, based on Joseph Mitchell's story in Up in the Old Hotel, I have some bad news. It's gone.

We travelled to Edgewater today to check out Mitsuwa, a giant Japanese mall/grocery store in Edgewater. (Can someone tell me how I managed to live in NYC for over 20 years and never learn about this place??). Being a big fan of Joseph Mitchell, I was pretty excited to get on their fabulous shuttle bus and go to Edgewater. I had heard it had changed, but sheesh!

Here are some pictures taken from the shuttle bus window. They do not do it justice. We will be back!

This one is from the Mitsuwa parking lot. A small hint of what used to be.

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