Friday, April 20, 2007

the road is long

Thanks to Janine, wonder woman and knitter extraordinaire, for the idea of working the intarsia fair isle by winding off the usual bobbins of color and simply weaving them back as I get to them. She suggested using a darning needle, but I found I could actually just weave the small balls of yarn through the carried loops without a needle. Hooray! I thought. Janine is a genius!

Well, I have no doubt whatsoever that Janine is a genius (a blogless genius, however). But yesterday I knit for hours and it was a slog. It was not fun. It, in fact, sucked. After several hours, I looked at my four inches or so of colorwork and thought about how this piece was but one of eight, and I thought I must figure out a better way. One thought I had was to knit the background (the lawns, as it were) and add the houses later - knit them separately and stitch them on later. But ugh, I want it to be of one fabric. This is metaphor! This is art!

I couldn't even take a picture of the damn thing. I left it sitting in its tangle of bobbins on a pile of shades of green, blue and white. I can't look at it at the moment.

I don't like getting my butt kicked by a piece of knitting. Grrrrr.

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