Thursday, April 05, 2007


Help! I need help!

I started the fair isle work on my section. It is a wee bit complicated trying to remember the fair isle, two-color pattern, as well as carry the other colors along (since it also has some intarsia), AND to make the decreases at regular intervals. In fact, I am having some trouble remembering all those things at the proper times so I spend about half my time tinking back so I can carry the other colors or suddenly remembering that there is, in fact, a pattern, or that I was supposed to decrease.

So I need some help!

Is there a way to do intarsia on circular needles? The problem is that I knit across and drop the one set of yarns, then I pick up the other set and head off down the row, then when I get back 'round...wait a minute...where's my yarn?? Darn it, way back there at the end of the section. UGH! Someone must have figured this out, right?

If you know the trick to knitting intarsia on circular needles, please let me know. I'm over here, dying.

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OfTroy said...

hello, i found your web page last year (via BAKG) and went looking again, and found your blog

about knitting intarsia in round, yes, it can be done..

send me an email
oftroyATrcnDOTcom and i'll either walk you through over phone or we'll meet,
helen (PS don't forget to vist my bog