Wednesday, May 02, 2007

SABLE: Does the World Really Need to Know?

I have a friend in Omaha, NE, who could support himself as a clipping service for people. He clips'n'saves newspaper articles on a range of subjects for various friends. For a long time I didn't bother to read the New York Times since I knew he would save any articles that might interest me. Then he got a real job and the clippings have, understandably, dwindled a bit in number. Yesterday, however, he sent along a clipping from his hometown paper, the Omaha World Herald. It is a story about a widower who discovered "Skeins and skeins of (yarn). Shelves and Shelves full." It belonged to his wife and he found it after her death. I can't find a link to the actual article, dated 4/16/07, but here is the quote that really got me:

"Nathan said he found skeins of yarn on every shelf of every closet he opened in his Omaha home. He found it in big garbage bags. He found it in plastic bins..."

Apparently the yarn, patterns, needles, etc., were valued at about $5000. He donated it to the local Girls Club so they could teach young women and girls to knit.

Ok, a happy ending for all that yarn. But knitters...let this be a lesson to you! I made Dan promise not to go public with the extent of my yarn stash after I die. Now that I think of it, he really didn't give me a straight answer on that.

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