Wednesday, May 23, 2007

a thing rarely encountered

(updated 5/26/07)
We travelled under a cloud. A four-day car (and ferry) trip and all of it rainy. At the end of eight hours in the car with two children, getting to our motel room and watching HGTV wasn't quite enough to keep one happy or sane. Yet, we made it safe and sound and so I am very grateful. And this morning, I awoke to...not snow (that was yesterday)...but brilliant sunshine. I did the only logical thing: laundry!

I had another tearful reunion with my washing machine today. After three years of use, I never, ever take for granted the notion of tossing in a load of laundry at the last minute while in NYC. On the other hand, no electricity has its benefits, such as the upper body work-out that only three loads of laundry can give, and the chance to do laundry while day dreaming and gazing at the lovely Blomindon Mountains. Still snow covered, which is partly why we are still having temps below 10C (that means below 50F).

But I can't complain. I love cold weather, I love the chance to see spring transform the landscape not once but twice this year, and I love my adopted home here in Gillams.

I had some lovely pictures of our laundry and even an arty shadow shot that was all about fully enjoying that thing so rarely encountered of late: sunshine. Alas, dial-up service seems to make uploading photos a lengthy procedure. I will try another time.

PS. Just to be clear, most people in Newfoundland have all mod cons. It's just that, when we had the basement dug under our house, the contractor advised us that our "septic system" could not withstand regular use of a washing machine as well as toilet flushing and showers. So I purchased a hand agitated, non-electric washing machine made by a Mennonite in Pennsylvania. I love it and it does a great job, but I do suspect that nearly all other Newfoundlanders have a septic system, not a "septic system" and therefore avail themselves of a regular washing machine. But hey, everything in life is a trade-off...

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